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Health & Safety DVDs and Radiation Detection Devices 

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•Automated Fallout Measurement Station is being installed at Virginia Department of Health building in Richmond, VA.

•Oak Ridge National Laboratory has tested our NukAlert-Extended Range (ER) Geiger counter

•Specifications increased to 1μ/R to 700R/hr ±20%

•FEMA's RadResponder Network Beta test site is now receiving real time radiation data from our multiple Radiation Measurement Stations.


 We distribute a line of radiation detection products including the the NukAlert-Extended Range(ER) Personal Radiation Detector, NukAlert key chain radiation detector, and the Automated Fallout Measurement Station. The NukAlert-ER is a simple to use, low cost, Geiger counter, radiation survey meter, and dosimeter all in a compact package. Unlike many higher priced Personal Radiation Detectors, the NukAlert-ER Geiger counter measures radiation from 1µR/hr background levels to above 700R/hr with no saturation (overload) below 1,000 R/hr. 


 NukAlert Automated Fallout Measurement Station


 The NukAlert Automated Fallout Measurement Station is roof mounted and can send real time radiation data to multiple databases through email and text messages, such as FEMA’s  RadResponder Network. The NukAlert Automated Fallout Station (AFS) also accomplishes Task 5.5 of the Rad Resilient City Initiative. The AFS station can also provide the data, through a connection to BACnet, that can shut down HVAC systems on buildings when a user defined radiation level is reached. The AFS is an inexpensive device that can save employees’ lives and protect building contents from potentially dangerous radiation. The AFS is a perfect system for government buildings, data centers, hospitals, schools, corporate buildings, office buildings, public shelters, and other critical buildings.

NukAlert-ER Geiger Counter

Geiger counter, high range survey meter, and a dosimeter in one small package

1µR/hr to 700R/h ±20% - Tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


The NukAlert-ER™ Personal Radiation Detector is a unique 'Extended Range' radiation detection instrument. It is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is also able to measure life-threatening radiation levels that are beyond the range of traditional Geiger- based devices. The NukAlert-ER accurately measures radiation over an extraordinary intensity range from 1µR/hr to 700R/hr .±20% with no saturation (overload) below 1,000R/hr. It is a very sensitive Geiger counter, high range survey meter and a dosimeter, all in one instrument, with data collection, communications capability and adjustable dose and rate alarms. Every NukAlert-ER Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) is calibrated and tested in a licensed radiation testing facility and is guaranteed to meet or exceed published specifications. The NukAlert-ER PRD also sends real time data through the Windows App to live maps including FEMA's RadReponder Network. 

  NukAlert Data Gateway


The NukAlert Data Gateway receives data from a NukAlert-ER Geiger counter through a USB connection and connects it to the Internet through Ethernet or optional WiFi. The Gateway Data Hub can feed data, in ANSI N42.42-2012 format, to multiple database URL’s simultaneously, including FEMA’s RadResponder Network. The Gateway Data Hub also supplies power to the NukAlert-ER. A HDMI connector sends real time radiation readings in large, easy to view numbers along with an audio alert to a HDTV for viewing in an EOC, hospital emergency rooms, schools, government buildings, communities near nuclear facilities and command vehicles. The Gateway can also send information to shut off a building's HVAC system through BACnet.

NukAlert Keychain Radiation Detector


Post-Detonation Radiation Detection. More than just a radiation detector, the NukAlert™ is a patented personal radiation meter, monitor and alarm. It is small enough to attach to a key chain and fit in your pocket. The device operates non-stop, 24/7 and will promptly warn you of the presence of unseen, dangerous levels of radiation. The device clicks in the presence of radiation from 100mR/hr to 5,000R/hr. In the event of a high level radiological event, the NukAlert will help you find shelter in lower radiation levels.

                          Award Winning Health & Safety DVDs

Be Prepared, Be Informed, and be Prepared for unexpected events before they occur.                


 Health & Safety DVD's and Radiation Detection devices and are now available through the GSA Schedules 76 & 84

View our award winning health and safety videos: Apogee Health & Safety DVDs

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Apogee Communications Group has produced award winning health and safety programs for more than 35 years. We have received 121 awards for our productions including top honors in international film and video festivals. Our programs save lives, both human and animals.

Apogee Communications Group produces and markets award winning health and safety patient education DVDs for consumers and institutions including; Infant & Toddler Emergency First Aid- Volumes 1 & 2, Heart Disease & Women–Awareness & Treatment, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Disease - Prevention, Heart Disease - Detection, Heart Disease - Treatment, Pet Emergency First Aid- Dogs, Pet Emergency First Aid - Cats, Pet Emergency First Aid - Dogs Working Dogs - Pets and Emergency Preparedness – Awareness & Survival.

Apogee's  DVDs are in use in homes, first aid classes, schools, military, law enforcement agencies, doctor's offices, veternarian's offices, health care institutions and libraries worldwide .                  

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